June 22nd

Main Conference

Latest Global IoT Security Compliance & Standards

In-Depth Analysis on China's Information Security Scheme 2.0

A New System-Level and Enterprise-Level Integrated IoT Security Solution

How to Combat and Mitigate Potential Security Risks as Roll Out 5G Networks

Software Development Solution of Risk, Cost, and Compliance Management

Resolving IoT Security Issues with Blockchain Technology

2020 Global Data Breach Report Release

“Zero Trust Architecture” Ensure IT System and Network Infrastructure Security

IoT Security International Standards and National Information Security Scheme2.0

June 23rd

Theme 1
IT/OT Security

Theme 2
Manufacturing Cybersecurity

Theme 3
Automotive Security

Theme 4
Network Security

Theme 5
Cyber Security

Core Security Architecture Improves IIoT Security

OT Vulnerability Analysis and Suggestions in Automation and Control Systems

The More Connected, the More Vulnerabilities Created by the Gap between IT Security and Operations

Best Cyber Security Practice of Drilling and Oil Field Automation Equipment

Medical Devices Protection: Build Security in All the Components and Processes

Build a Security IIoT Platform- Root Cloud Platform Serving for Every Manufacturing Industry

Security for Industry 4.0: Recommendations for Manufacturing Environments

Industrial IoT Security

Developing a Robust Cyber Defense Strategy from an OEM's Perspective

Automotive Tier1's Security Protection Strategy

Testing Practice for Early System Vulnerabilities and Threat Assessment

Cyber Security Assurance Testing

Co-Build a Secure and Trusted 5G Network

Case Study: The Underlying Core Architecture to Ensure the Wireless Communication Security

Comprehensive Solution for Cybersecurity & Information Management

AI-Based Cyber Unknown Attack Recognition and Defense Solution

Holistic Solutions for Efficient, Reliable and Safe Energy Operations

Lifecycle Management of IoET Security

Cyber Security Threaten Analysis in Energy Industry

Reliability and Efficiency of Electricity Systems Enhance Security Development

Analysis of the Global Aerospace and Defense Industry in 2020 Cyber Security Breakout Points

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