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Dear Industry Colleagues,

On behalf of the World IoT Security Summit Organizing Committee, we sincerely welcome you to attend World IoT Security Summit 2018, June 21-22nd, in Beijing.

The year 2018 is regarded as the beginning year of world IoT market. According to IDC report, IoT market scale will reach to 170 billion dollars, and there will be 20 billion connected devices in 2020. The fast-growing IoT industry also poses new problems and security threats. Such a massive Internet of Things industry is also attracting the attention of hackers, such as Mirai attack in the USA.

IoT security has been a hot topic worldwide. Many countries are studying and making regulations, standardization, etc. And, we also believe every IoT company has a duty to consider security first for its IoT products. Dedicated to IoT & Security, Taas Labs is organizing World IoT Security Summit this June with great support from government, associations, and leading experts. It focuses on the next information security revolution and provides practical holistic solutions to company security concerns.

World IoT Security Summit 2018 will gather about 400+ the most influential experts, business leaders and researchers to analyze the IoT security market situation and discuss the effects of China’s Cyber Security Law, sharing the most effective IoT security technologies. This event will surely be a great high-level platform for all attendees’ learning and business networking. We believe you will gain a deeper understanding of the whole IoT security market, especially Chinese market.

Without Security, IoT will definitely be unsustainable. Hope we can build all-around IoT security systems together through this World IoT Security Summit 2018. Thanks for your attention and kind support. See you in Beijing!

Best Regards,

Organizing Committee of World IoT Security Summit 2018

June 21

Main Conference

Topic:Latest Policies and Planning of IoT Security in China

Topic:World Wide IoT Security Development Trend Analysis

Topic:Cyber Security Standards and It Best Practice

Topic:Holistic Solutions for IoT Security

Topic:New Technologies and Full Lifecycle Security System (NB-IoT, AI, Block Chain, 5G)

June 22

Forum 1
IIoT Security

Forum 2
Connected Car Security

Forum 3
Cyber Security in Smart Home

Forum 4
Medicine Security

Forum 5
Industries & Services

Topic:Security Vulnerability in Smart Factory and Its Solutions

Topic:Industrial Control Security Management and OT Security Analysis

Topic:From Loophole Testing to Cyber Protection, Establishing the Whole ICS Security

Topic:Guarantee Industrial Cloud Security, including Private Cloud and Public Cloud

Topic:Automotive Security Architecture and Its Standardization

Topic:Tire 1 ’s Security Solutions to Promise Security for Automated Driving

Topic:Multilayered Defense Architecture of Autonomous Vehicle Cyber Security Practice

Topic:Testing Practice for Early System Vulnerabilities and Threat Assessment

Topic:Smart Home Security and Data Protection in the Era of Connected World

Topic:Safeguard Your Smart Life with Wireless Security Cameras

Topic:Home Data Transmission and Exchange Security

Topic:Security Loophole has Been One of the Most Important Concerns in Medical Industry

Topic:Security First in Medical Device Under the Era of IoT

Topic:Security Solutions from Medical Data Service Provider

Topic:Intelligent Terminal Security in IoT

Topic:Problems and Challenges of Cyber Attack in Smart Grid

Topic:Safe and Security Solutions for Elevator Internet of Things

Topic:Fintech Security & Cyber Security Insurance& Law Firm Service

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