Jan 13th

Main Conference

Compliance Challenges and Opportunities Brought by China's Data Security Law

How Should We Effectively Address Privacy and Data Security Concerns

Latest Practice of China’s Information Security Scheme 2.0

How to Build an Efficient and In-Depth Security Defense System, Facing Security Threat

Zero Trust Architecture Ensure IT System and Network Infrastructure Security

Software Development Solution to Manage Risk, Cost, and Compliance

Advanced Security Encryption Chip Solutions to Help Protect Data Security

Robust Cloud Security Protection System Empowers Security Base of Digital Economy

Jan 14th

Theme 1
Industrial Internet
Data Security Convergence

Theme 2
Automotive Cybersecurity
& Data Security

Theme 3
Medical Industry
& Data Security

Theme 4
Consumer IoT Security
& Information Security

Theme 5
Cyber Security

Difficulties and Practice of Industrial Internet Data Security Protection

Security Protection Mechanisms of Identifier Resolution of Industrial Internet

Build a Security IIoT Platform in the Digital Twin Era, Meeting the New NeedsofManufacturing Industry

Security for Industry 4.0: Recommendations for Manufacturing Environments

Best Practices of UN R155 Regulations

Establish Automotive Security Compliance System Based on ISO / SAE 21434

Analysis of CSMS System Construction of Automotive Enterprises

Advanced Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solution Safeguard Auto DataSecurity

Challenges and Practice of Data Security Governance of Medical and Health Industry

Cybersecurity & Data Privacy in Healthcare SaaS Platform

Advanced Cybersecurity Capability to Protect the Development of Medical and Health Industry

Privacy Computing and Healthcare Data Governance

What are the Challenges Faced by CIoT Due to the Implementation ofPersonalInformation Protection Law

Security Baseline Requirements for CIoT Terminal Devices

New Generation Identity Management and Access Control under Zero TrustArchitecture

Blockchain Technology in CIoT Security Protection

Holistic Solutions for Efficient, Reliable and Safe Energy Operations

Lifecycle Management of IoET Security

Cyber Security Threaten Analysis in Energy Industry

Reliability and Efficiency of Electricity Systems Enhance Security Development

Analysis of the Global Aerospace and Defense Industry in 2020 Cyber Security Breakout Points

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