Jun 21

Main Conference

Topic:Compliance Challenges and Opportunities Brought by China's Data Security Law

Topic:How Should We Effectively Address Privacy and Data Security Concerns

Topic:Latest Practice of China’s Information Security Scheme 2.0

Topic:How to Build an Efficient and In-Depth Security Defense System, Facing Security Threat

Topic:Zero Trust Architecture Ensure IT System and Network Infrastructure Security

Topic:Software Development Solution to Manage Risk, Cost, and Compliance

Topic:Advanced Security Encryption Chip Solutions to Help Protect Data Security

Topic:Robust Cloud Security Protection System Empowers Security Base of Digital Economy

Jun 22

Forum 1
IIoT Security

Forum 2
Connected Car Security

Forum 3
Cyber Security in Smart Home

Forum 4
Medicine Security

Forum 5
Industries & Services

Topic:Difficulties and Practice of Industrial Internet Data Security Protection

Topic:Security Protection Mechanisms of Identifier Resolution of Industrial Internet

Topic:Build a Security IIoT Platform in the Digital Twin Era, Meeting the New NeedsofManufacturing Industry

Topic:Security for Industry 4.0: Recommendations for Manufacturing Environments

Topic:Best Practices of UN R155 Regulations

Topic:Establish Automotive Security Compliance System Based on ISO / SAE 21434

Topic:Analysis of CSMS System Construction of Automotive Enterprises

Topic:Advanced Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solution Safeguard Auto DataSecurity

Topic:Challenges and Practice of Data Security Governance of Medical and Health Industry

Topic:Cybersecurity & Data Privacy in Healthcare SaaS Platform

Topic:Advanced Cybersecurity Capability to Protect the Development of Medical and Health Industry

Topic:Privacy Computing and Healthcare Data Governance

Topic:What are the Challenges Faced by CIoT Due to the Implementation ofPersonalInformation Protection Law

Topic:Security Baseline Requirements for CIoT Terminal Devices

Topic:New Generation Identity Management and Access Control under Zero TrustArchitecture

Topic:Blockchain Technology in CIoT Security Protection

Topic:Holistic Solutions for Efficient, Reliable and Safe Energy Operations

Topic:Lifecycle Management of IoET Security

Topic:Cyber Security Threaten Analysis in Energy Industry

Topic:Reliability and Efficiency of Electricity Systems Enhance Security Development

Topic:Analysis of the Global Aerospace and Defense Industry in 2020 Cyber Security Breakout Points

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