Jun 21

Main Conference

Topic:Latest Policies and Planning of IoT Security in China

Topic:World Wide IoT Security Development Trend Analysis

Topic:Cyber Security Standards and It Best Practice

Topic:Holistic Solutions for IoT Security

Topic:New Technologies and Full Lifecycle Security System (NB-IoT, AI, Block Chain, 5G)

Jun 22

Forum 1
IIoT Security

Forum 2
Connected Car Security

Forum 3
Cyber Security in Smart Home

Forum 4
Medicine Security

Forum 5
Industries & Services

Topic:Security Vulnerability in Smart Factory and Its Solutions

Topic:Industrial Control Security Management and OT Security Analysis

Topic:From Loophole Testing to Cyber Protection, Establishing the Whole ICS Security

Topic:Guarantee Industrial Cloud Security, including Private Cloud and Public Cloud

Topic:Automotive Security Architecture and Its Standardization

Topic:Tire 1 ’s Security Solutions to Promise Security for Automated Driving

Topic:Multilayered Defense Architecture of Autonomous Vehicle Cyber Security Practice

Topic:Testing Practice for Early System Vulnerabilities and Threat Assessment

Topic:Smart Home Security and Data Protection in the Era of Connected World

Topic:Safeguard Your Smart Life with Wireless Security Cameras

Topic:Home Data Transmission and Exchange Security

Topic:Security Loophole has Been One of the Most Important Concerns in Medical Industry

Topic:Security First in Medical Device Under the Era of IoT

Topic:Security Solutions from Medical Data Service Provider

Topic:Intelligent Terminal Security in IoT

Topic:Problems and Challenges of Cyber Attack in Smart Grid

Topic:Safe and Security Solutions for Elevator Internet of Things

Topic:Fintech Security & Cyber Security Insurance& Law Firm Service

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