Jun 21

Main Conference

Topic:World Wide IoT Security Development Trend & Standards Analysis and GDPR’s Global Influence

Topic:Using Cryptography-based Controllable Technical System to Address IoT Security Issues

Topic:Analysis on China IoT Security Reference Models and Its Common Requirements

Topic:Build Security Structure & Protection System under IoT Era

Topic:How to Keep Connected IoT Products from Attacks by DDoS

Topic:New Frontline of IoT Security Protection-AI,Edge Computing,5G

Topic:CISO Talks

Jun 22

Forum 1
IIoT Security

Forum 2
Connected Car Security

Forum 3
Cyber Security in Smart Home

Forum 4
Medicine Security

Forum 5
Industries & Services

Topic:Holistic IIoT Security Solution

Topic:Industrial Control Systems Security & OT Security Analysis

Topic:From Vulnerability Detection to Respond, Build A Secure Industrial Control System

Topic:During the Process of Industry 4.0 Development, How to Protect the Overall Security of the Future Factory

Topic:Connected Car’s Security Protection Framework Strategy-Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond & Recover

Topic:Analysis of Internal CAN BUS Security and Defense Solutions

Topic:Multilayered Defense Architecture of Autonomous Vehicles Cyber Security from IoT Whole Lifecycle

Topic:Automotive Industry 4.0 Systems Control Security

Topic:Medical Industry has Become a Key Target for Hackers, How to Effectively Protect Medical Information Security?

Topic:How Can IoMT Face Major Challenges in Cyber Security?

Topic:Improve IoMT Security by Block Chain Service Platform

Topic:Medical Data Security Solution Analysis

Topic:Smart City’s Key Security Point-Critical Information Infrastructure Construction

Topic:Analysis on IoT Camera Security Risk

Topic:Bulid a Smart & Safe Elevator IoT Solution

Topic:Smart Home Devices Security Protection and Privacy Protection

Topic:How to Apply the Advantage of IoT to Improve the Financial Risk Control Ability?

Topic:Smart Financial Changes and Innovation with Latest IoT Technology

Topic:Fintech Security,Cyber Security Insurance,Legal and Compliance

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